Maria Barsali

Personal Trainer in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Maria Barsali is a mutli certified fitness professional living in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Maria holds instructor certifications in TRX RIP training, Agatsu Inc Kettlebell and Bulgarian bag.

She is also dotFIT nutrition and diet certified.

Maria practices MMA fighting to keep her stamina at a peak to endure sustained physical activity.

As a fitness model she has appeared in multiple publications.

She also holds a University degree in Education and Pedagogics.

When she's not multitasking, you can find her training at her gym, sweating in the boxing ring, hitting the slopes in Tahoe, paddle-boarding in South Beach, riding her motorcycle in San Gimignano, missing her favorite restaurants in Athens and waking up far too early on the weekends. Often, all seven.

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Alternatively, catch her on the big screen at the Total Recall 2012 remake.