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Barsha Islam

United Kingdom, London

I am proud of being a home maker for the past 26 years, giving my entire time to my children and hubby. Amid this, I continued to pursue my passions in food, cooking, recipe collecting, designing our own fashion, learning hair style and hair cutting, making handicrafts for my own use, doing graduation in nutrition, travelling with my husband to his various work places and in doing so moved from Bangladesh to Iran to Bangladesh, then to London to Dhaka to Seychelles and now in Wales. Here in Wales, I went out to work outside as my children grew up and not requiring my attention as much as before. I went to work with small children in schools and to do that well I did a certificate course in teaching assistant. It was more of a voluntary work. I then moved on to work in Debenhams in their lingerie to quench my taste in fashion and designing for people. I earned a good reputation as a bra fitter. My customers were always looking for me. Now, I am spending my time in the fashion accessories. At the same time I felt an inner pressure to start up something of my own that is closed to my passion. I decided to take my own recipe to others. I have started my own business-' Priti's Biryani'. At present, I am taking my food to local farmer's market and set up an home based catering, though still in a preliminary stage. My plan is eventually, to make biryani as an alternative option to burgers and sandwiches in a quick takeaway and ready meal for people on the go.

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