Bart Duijndam

CEO and Founder in Dubai

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When I started my career, my first job was selling refinery products, stud bolts and gaskets. Thousands of items where there was money to be made purely in buying & selling. Then I worked for 5 years at Siderca (one of the largest steel manufacturers) with focus on selling large scale production tonnes of OCTG and Line Pipes globally.

As I founded ITECO in 1997, I realised there's an opportunity to do something in between. By taking large volume mill runs, combined with spot trading and adding value through Supply Chain Management distribution, we'd offer a bespoke package solution to our customers. This had the effect of commoditizing the product to add flexibility and value.

By combining an aggressive trading model and mill runsourcing, I believe we have been able to carve a niche for ourselves. Infollowing these basic guiding principles we've been able to grow the company into a very substantial business in less than a decade. We have shipped morethan 1 million tonnes of steel in this time.