Bartek Tofel

Cotillo, Canarias, Spain

Born in a decaying, steel mill-dominated city of Ostrowiec Swietokrzyski (central Poland) spent most of his childhood engaded in exploring every possible cliff and pile of rock in search for dinosaur fossils, building water dams or irrigation channels in mud after each rainfall and asking seemingly unanserable questions.

After graduating from high school moved to Warsaw for ethnological and psychological studies, but majority of his energies were channeled towards travelling and mountain trekking (especially in the nearby Ukraine), which caught his heart and imagination until his death.

Warsaw became his home for next 12 years to come, but whenever he could he would venture South and travel across some of the roughtest countries in the world (Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia among the others) for both world- and self-exploration. During that time he switched between various part-time jobs, often fueled by travelling passion (press publications and travel lectures/shows) until finding a more permanent haven in the newly-discovered field of software testing @Deutsche Bank.

New and independent position @NextWeb Media allowed him to accomplish the dream of becoming a world citizen by becoming a digital nomad working from many different destinations.

Meanwhile he continued to dream big and move closer towards fuller financial and personal freedom...

  • Work
    • NextWeb Media
  • Education
    • University of Warsaw
    • Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw