Julie Gil Barthoulot


I am an independent business strategy consultant, so I get to answer to the question “what is it exactly you do ?” A LOT.

For now, I work on soon to be launched www.balletmadame.fr, super cool website for ballet stuff and online classes.

Also, when I am not busy startup-ing, I take pictures using the latest technologies (a disposable camera and, sometimes, my Iphone), I bargain-hunt design furniture for my friends, I write on my blog, I small talk with strangers on public transportation, and I avoid eating mayonnaise (for it's the most disgusting food on earth)(along with snake steak). Also, I am a very (very) bad ballet dancer.

On a more personal level, I can't drive, I hate encores and my favourite shape is blue.

  • Work
    • Strategy Consultant
  • Education
    • Essec Business School Paris