Bartolomeo Scalzi

I've been working with Medicinal and Aromatic Plants for 35 years now.

I am an Italian Herbalist: I sell medicinal plants in my Herbalist's Shop: "ERBORISTERIA RUGIADA". But I had harvested them, in my youth. I also write about them.

I teach about them not only in a cassroom but in the fields and woods too! What an amazing experience!

I gained my Diploma in Herbalist in Perugia in 1983, after I studied in Nursing in University of Bari.

Currently I am following two paths:

Inventory of some Herbal Remedies;

Popular Science on Herbs and Nutraceutics by Courses, Conferences, Articles, Publications.

  • Work
    • Erboristeria Rugiada
  • Education
    • Diploma in Herbalist in Perugia
    • Currently Studying in Nursing Profession