Bartomeu Crespi

Student in La Puebla, España

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Hey, I’m Bartomeu. I’m a student living in Sa Puebla, Spain. I am a fan of football, cycling, and running. I’m also interested in sports and animals. You can listen to my music with a click on the button above.I'm 13 years old. I have one sister. I'am short and I am not fat or thin.I have brown eyes.

I am a well-behaved person. I am voluntary in a lot of things, for exempel: go out black board. Sometimes I am honest, but I am dishonest with some people. I am a common person, because I am not rare.I like my family, because I am familier.

I am a adventurous person, because I like adventures. I am a active person, because I love sports and I play football. My favourit sports is football.