Barton George

Austin, TX

I work in Dell Services and lead our developer programs. I am also the founder and lead of Project Sputnik, a client to cloud platform for developers.

Prior to Dell I spent 13 years at Sun Microsystems, one year at Johnson & Johnson marketing dental floss (remember, you don’t have to floss them all, just the ones you want to keep) and began my professional career with a four year stint in Tokyo where I worked for Sony in their UNIX workstation group.

Fun Facts to Know and tell about Me

Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, I headed east for higher education and attended Williams College and Harvard Business School. Six years ago, after living in the San Francisco bay area for over a decade our family emigrated to Austin, Texas where we currently happily reside.

  • Work
    • Dell
  • Education
    • ,Williams College, Universtiy of Edinburgh, Harvard Business School