Bartosz Chojnowski

United Kingdom

I was born during a really cold winter over 30 years ago in North Poland.
For many years I lived in London, but now I chose to live in a small, beautiful sea side town, Bournemouth.

I could tell you a lot about how I've been raised in my artistic family, about my education in the Private School of Computer Science, first studying in The Pomeranian Pedagogical Academy then Academy of Visual Arts in Poznan and even teaching 2D and 3D graphics at Computer Science School in Slupsk. How I travelled to many different countries, gaining experiences and getting influenced by people, nature and art.

But I won't.

If you want to know what graphic design studios I've been working for, what kind of programs I used and courses completed - please feel free to check my C.V.


What's the most important aspect about myself, I want you to know that Creating, no matter if it's a painting, designing or photographing - it's my Passion, it is the Air I breath.
I'm constantly learning, changing and improving.

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