Bart Waeterschoot

Schoten, Belgium

I work at SD Worx, Belgium as a technical architect where I enjoy making a difference with other people. I love to travel around the world and I don't have any fixed set of hobbies as I jump into anything that sparks my interest. The only thing most of my hobbies have in common is a high degree of geekness. :)

The last few years I've been trying to get rid of all physical stuff like DVD's, CD's, books, ... and replacing them with digital (& often 'unlimited' variants). So far this has been a very rewarding journey.

Digital profile

Music: Google Play Music All Access & Beatport

Pictures: Google Drive

TV & movies: Netflix

Magazines: NextIssue

Comics: Marvel Unlimited

Audio books: Audible

Gaming: Playstation Plus

  • Work
    • Technical Architect