Bartlett Ward III

Born in April of 1988, I am 22 years old. I live in an apartment in Painesville, Ohio with my wife, Katie. Together we are a reliable and sometimes surprising team.

An active imagination drew me into creative outlets in school, which eventually landed me a small background in Graphic Design. My real goal is to find a decent living to support Katie and I as well as any future additions to our family. I love to write short prose and find that my writing to be much more eloquent than my speech.

Diving into a discussion with a diverse group of individuals with the goal of creatively solving a problem is something that I crave. For the past two years I have fed this craving as an active participant in my church's "Creative Team". We are a group of about 6 people meeting each week in an attempt to plan and improve the Church's Sunday morning services. I also have been serving as a High School Youth Leader there on Sunday evenings for 5 years.