Amit Barua

Chittagong, Bangladesh

Aircraft is one of the major contributions of all time. The intricate engineering behind Aircraft, Like all other kids, in my childhood I loved toys but not only for playing rather I used to open them up with screw drivers and then tried to figure out the internal electrical components. Obviously I did not know the name of all the parts, but I used to remember most electrical components by its shape. When one of my toy aero planes was not functioning, I opened it and saw that the motor got burned. I replaced that with a new one and it was fixed! From then my enthusiasm to know how things work started to grow stronger. I became deeply interested in aerospace engineering. Questions like "How a gigantic aircraft lifts up in the sky against gravitational force and how a satellite rotates in a circle around the earth?" started to frustrate my mind.Swimming, reading and watching movies are my hobbies. Swimming refreshes my health and provides me with energy. Reading Scientific Journals (like New Scientist) keeps me updated with advancements in technologies and discoveries.I am self motivated, determined individual and I look forward to the social and academic challenges of the university. My commitment to become an Aeronautic or Aerospace Engineer is very strong and I am certain I can make a contribution to the society I live in.

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