Baruch Osoveskiy

data and dba in Israel

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Hi i am a DATA engineer

I like DATA and my JOB is to know how to save and retrieve DATA

my specialties are:

Relational database:

consulting on Oracle and MySQL and open source database platforms design, implementation, performance tuning, business continuity(HA)

Big Data,NoSQL,NewSQL:

NoSQL Oracle NoSQL KV,Graph Neo4j,Apache Hadoop, couchdb

design, implementation, performance tuning, maintenance

Unstructured Data Analysis:

Oracle Text,Oracle Spatial,Apache Solr, elasticsearch

High Performance LDAP servers:

OID,Sun One,Oracle Unified Directory

design, implementation,performance tuning

Security :

Oracle Identity Management : OIM ,OAM ,Oracle Enterprise users ,SSO (kerberos,saml)

design, implementation

Linux/Unix Security and system admin