You've got a calorie counting phone app and a new pair of running shoes, but still feel like your weight loss efforts could use a helpful boost. Don't reach for cleverly marketed dieting pills or fall into the next fad. Instead, incorporate these holistic eating tips into your lifestyle to guarantee success on your weight loss journey.

Arm yourself with a solid breakfast

Eating breakfast keeps your metabolism steady and has been shown to reduce the amount of calories you consume for the duration of the day. At the same time, washing down a frosted donut with a sugar-laden latte doesn't exactly count.

What should you choose for a healthy breakfast? First, start with fiber. A small amount fills you up and keeps your appetite at bay. Barley makes for a good choice, as one serving provides five grams. Berries contain a considerable amount of fiber as well.

Another tip is to eat carbs for breakfast. Eating the majority of your carbohydrates before noon gives you more time to burn them off during the remainder of the day. Shoot for whole grains that contain other fundamental nutrients as well as fiber.

Take preemptive measures before a meal

Instead of diving straight into lunch or dinner, implement some extra planning to make sure you don't overeat. One option is to eat vegetables that have been pickled in vinegar before a meal. The acetic acid in vinegar stabilizes insulin levels so you can avoid the spikes and crashes in blood sugar that lead to overeating.

For those who don't like vinegar, it's time to turn to fiber again. Consume just three grams of soluble psyllium fiber with water 30 minutes before a meal will prevent overeating by helping you register when you feel full. You can get the fiber in powdered form or choose sources like wheat bran.

Rely on your nose to control your mouth

The senses of taste and smell are closely linked. Perhaps that's why research points to aromatherapy as an effective method for controlling appetite. More specifically, the scent of vanilla can reduce cravings for sweets. Try lighting vanilla-scented candles in your house or using vanilla lotion. You might find that the smell alone is enough to curb your pesky desire for dessert.