BVRZ Tunnel Vision


RAYMOND KENDRICK (also known as BARZ or HollyHood Barz) is an 80’s baby, born in HARLEM HOSPITAL but raised in the BRONX, NY. BARZ started his musical journey at the early age of 13, while watching some of his older family members having ciphers inside of his aunt’s house. Soon after, he began writing and performing at talent showcases and other neighborhood events. At the young age of 16, BARZ was recording on a regular basis. A manager had heard of him through word of mouth and by 17, his persistence and drive had landed him with an opportunity to attend at Bad boy label. He was denied but told to “come back soon.” But the rejection never stop him. his versatility and originality. His two most recent recordings, "Toast to the Night" and "Holding My Dream", are perfect examples of his versatility. Some of his earlier tracks like, My Time, I’m Flying, and Nobody, differ from his recent tracks but portray his originality just the same. When asked if he’s a rap, hip-hop or alternative artist, his response is always the same-- There is no category to place him in. His songs are diverse and unpredictable, ranging from love songs, to club bangers to hood anthems to alternativ hits. Look out for BARZ. He is destined for greatness sooner than you think. BARZ aka Raysolo

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