Bas Arnouts

Zundert, Netherlands

Hello! We are Blitzz Engraving Company: Largest independent sellers of Zippo lighters in Netherland. There is more to lighters than lighting pipes and cigarettes. There’s charm, there’s character, there’s style and there’s class. Lucky that we have Zippo lighters for us! At Blitzz Engraving Company, we sell every Zippo lighters. Whether it’s urban classics or its legendary Western Style, we have got every Zippo lighter released in last 8 decades. Our inventory includes most inspiring and unique ranges of Zippo lighters where every product is genuine sourced through official channels from Zippo Netherlands. In addition, we proudly entertain Zippo engraving inquiries that include computerized Engraving texts, logos or photos.

  • Work
    • Engraved Zippo
  • Education
    • Netherlands
    • Netherlands Maritime University