Nicole Baselice

Sanford, Florida

I am a 2nd grade teacher at a private school in Lake Mary Florida. Since becoming a career change teacher in 2001 I have taught High School English, Middle School Language Arts, Pre-School, and Kindergarten. I am the proud Mother of 2 children, Michael (age 8) and Joanna (age 7).

I am originally from New Jersey. My family grew up in the southern part of the state, not the Sopranos or Jersey Shore part! I have lived in Florida for almost 8 years and I love it! I miss the good Italian food but the weather is tough to beat.

I am passionate about finding meaningful technology for my classroom. Just because it is on an ipad, doesn't mean it is any good.

My current 2nd graders struggle in Math, and I want to reach them in new and innovative ways. When i see them master a difficult concept..I feel like a Mathinista!

  • Work
    • 2nd Grade Teacher, Lake Mary Preparatory School