The Business Analytics Society of Educators (BASE) is dedicated to the advancement of Business Analytics concepts and practices, as an important area of discipline in all business schools, colleges and universities in the Philippines.

The group was founded in October 24, 2013 by a small group of IBM trained faculty members and administrators from various universities and colleges led by Dr. Meynard Jowell F. Bitas who recognized a need for source of information and guidance in the growing field of Business Analytics, whose existence anchored on the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Memorandum Order No. 11 and 12, 2013, which prescribed Business Analytics as a specialization track in Business Administration and Information Technology, respectively.

BASE vision is to realize the full potential of our educators become more valuable as individual or as a group through education, community, research and advocacy in Business Analytics. BASE goals are the following:

Upgrade Business Analytics education framework;

Organize and encourage scientific research in Business Analytics;

Improve continuously the quality of instruction and contribute to the development of our educators;

Make Business Analytics plays an important role in the building and improving the country’s economy;

Promote Business Analytics as an important area of discipline in all schools, colleges and universities in the country;

Develop professionalism among members;

Build and establish networks with other associations and partnership with industries, inside and outside the country.