Bashair M


I am 19 years old. I studied in the same school from grade one till I graduated. That's why I don’t like any big changes in my life. I am dreamy, romantic, honest, rude, and crazy sometimes. My family taught me to be nice and kind to everyone, but I love to treat people the way I think they deserve to be treated. I am currently studying medicine because I don't see myself studying something else and it’s the thing I love. I hate when people tell me what to do or who I AM. I enjoy and love myself. I love Bollywood and know how to dance. My family is an important part of my life that I can't live without. I have a movie like life story.
Mainly, my life is like an open book that any one can come and read because am proud with what so ever I do, and happy with anything happened to me. I have many good friends but few best friends and one that I consider a very close friend. My mom is one of my best, good, close friends that I call her by her name. Also, I eat to live and don’t enjoy food as people do.
I love reading Arabic books and specially the Islamic books. I always look older than my age because of my clothes. I wear suits and formal clothes and hardly add stylish touches to what I wear. My favorite colors are black and pink. I love makeup but don't wear much; it's only my lipstick that I can't spend a day without. One of my dreams is to write a book about my life story. I love to drink suntop and appeltiser. I like motivational stuff. Also, I love back horse riding. My best travelling destination is South Africa. I spent half of my life in Makkah.

Well, after all that you are smart to figure out that am talkative under weight Pisces.