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Bashar Tellisi

I am a dynamic and ambitious architect with eight years experience in various projects and constructions on luxury houses, home units, industrial and commercial buildings, urban design, heritage and conservation, . Since graduating from Architecture Engineering Department at Tripoli University, Tripoli, Libya, Bachelor's degree, I have worked in several well-known architecture and design companies. I possess impeccable technical and computer skills with advanced knowledge of Auto CAD, Microsoft Office, 3Ds Max , Adobe and other graphics communication programs. In previous jobs I have often been called upon to train juniors and other employees in various computer software. An excellent working knowledge of contracts administration is also one of my strong points. My attention to detail and excellent problem-solving skills ensure that every project I work on is done accurately and to the highest possible standard. I am comfortable working as part of a team but also have the ability to take an authoritative role when the situation arises. My verbal communication skills and positive attitude make me an effective communicator with all clients I work with.