Basile Bazina

Brockton, MA

Mr. Basile Bazina, a Massachusetts professional, is a very cultured man. Before landing a position as the Care Manager at CFFC/BAMSI, Basile Bazina studied in different parts of the world, learning several foreign languages.

Basile Bazina attended multiple educational institutions, including one in Rwanda, where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Humanities and Philosophy. After earning his Bachelor’s degree, Mr. Basile Bazina decided to continue his education in the United States at Notre Dame College. At the Manchester, New Hampshire college, Basile Bazina focused his studies on counseling and education. Basile Bazina began attending Notre Dame College in September 1991 and completed his studies in 1994, having earned his Master of Education. However, Mr. Basile Bazina did not end his education with a Master’s degree. He also took various courses in counseling and psychology at different schools in Boston.

At CFFC/BAMSI, a private, non-profit human service organization founded in the mid-1970s, Basile Bazina helps keep business running smoothly. Mr. Basile Bazina, who speaks French and English fluently, takes part in supporting and counseling people from all walks of life who are at a socioeconomic disadvantage. Basile Bazina is also able to read and understand Spanish and speak numerous African languages.

When he is not managing CFFC/BAMSI, Basile Bazina enjoys engaging in African folklore, playing African drums (ingoma), working out, playing basketball and volleyball, and reading, especially books by his favorite author, Jean-Paul Sartre. Basile Bazina is also an avid soccer player and was a soccer captain during his high school and college years.

  • Education
    • Notre Dame College