Basil Ghali

Writer, Project Manager, and Photographer in Detroit, Michigan

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Meet Basil,an enthusiastic writer based in Miami who is keenly interested in various topics such as food, politics, entrepreneurship, fitness, and programming. With an insatiable curiosity, he delves deeply into these varied areas and creates engaging content that captivates his readers. If you want to explore his work, you can browse his portfolio by clicking the button above. Connect with him through his words and ideas and embark on a stimulating journey of learning and discovery.

Basil's journey towards a successful career has been shaped by his diverse educational experiences and unwavering dedication. Here is an outline of his journey:

  1. Achieving the GED Certificate (2009): In 2009 Basil achieved a significant milestone by earning his General Educational Development (GED) certificate. This accomplishment demonstrated his commitment to education and his determination to overcome challenges. The GED certificate validated Basil's academic abilities and opened doors to further educational and professional opportunities.
  2. Pursuing Healthcare Education (2013): Recognizing the importance of staying updated with the latest advancements in healthcare, Basil pursued additional coursework in 2013. He completed a comprehensive program offered by the American Heart Association, earning himself a certificate as an official Health Care Provider from the esteemed organization. This certification solidified Basil's competence in providing essential healthcare services and highlighted his commitment to delivering high-quality care to those in need.
  3. Eagerness to Expand Skill Set (2021): As 2021 unfolds, Basil is eager to expand his skill set further in the academic and professional fields. With a strong foundation established by his previous educational achievements and practical experience, Basil is ready to embrace new challenges and make significant contributions in his chosen field.
  4. Passion for Continuous Growth: Motivated by a passion for continuous growth and personal development, Basil actively seeks opportunities to enhance his knowledge and expertise. Whether through pursuing advanced degrees, participating in specialized training programs, or engaging in hands-on experiences, Basil is determined to acquire the skills necessary to thrive in today's dynamic and competitive job market.