Basil Hamdan

Orlando, Florida, United States

Since 2004, Basil Hamdan has expanded HF Holdings, Inc., into a worldwide leader in the debt recovery sector. His firm’s client-centered programs are unique in requiring no initial payments. Businesses simply fill out documents about the case at hand to get the collections process started. Basil Hamdan has built up one of the industry’s most comprehensive attorney and partner agency networks, as well as a cutting-edge IT system for collecting on unpaid debt. His firm’s full range of collections capacities encompasses the medical, retail, commercial, and educational sectors. He also achieves proven results on past-due receivables and judgments, as well as returned checks. HF Holdings is often able to generate positive results on payments due from as far back as two to three years.

With an underlying philosophy that “failure is never an option,” Mr. Hamdan devotes extensive time and energy to recruiting and training his staff. He takes pride in the efforts of his team to place significant amounts of money back into the accounts of hardworking business owners.

  • Work
    • HF Holdings Inc.
  • Education
    • Nc State University