Basil Jackson

Philadelphia, Pa

Student at the amazing University of Pennsylvania. I've lived in three different states (both in the southern and northern parts of the Eastern US) and I've visited (at the time of this writing) 10+ countries. To say least I'm very lucky. I want my luck to rub onto others, and I attempt to do so everyday. My greatest personality trait is my positivity, I'm not one to get "down in the dumps" and I'm almost always showing my energy. Although, I haven't done world changing stuff yet, (besides my mixes, ie. my soundcloud, check it out) I hope to be a shaper in the world that is tomorrow. Each day is an opportunity to make someone smile and that's an opportunity worth living for.

"Good judgment comes from experience, and often experience comes from bad judgment." -- Rita Mae Brown

  • Work
    • ITA @ UPenn
  • Education
    • Undergrad @ University of Pennsylvania