BaSiM kHalAf

palestine -Gaza

Interests: Art (Drawing),Writing, Reading,Watching movies ,Photography, Read News and World Political...

Watching:Al Jazeera,BBC, MBC G...I hate Arabiya!.. excited for useful programs..!

Listen:Koran And earpieces,Voice poets (Mahmoud Darwish, Tamim Barghouti .. ),Adore Marcel and Mohamed Mounir,Omima khalail ,Old radio broadcasters..

I respect and appreciate: Arab writers and thinkers such as (d / Azmi Bishara and Professor Abdul Karim Bakkar and human development professor Dr. / Tarek Sowaidan..and so much..

Read:Novels, stories and books as well as historical and scientific books related to the engineering domain.

Small achievements:Participate in art competitions and drawing murals..Participation in scientific competitions and record high mattresses..Participation in school student initiatives, such as (Initiative respect and discipline in the schools free of violence)..Participated in the Short Story Competition..I have knowledge in several computer programs such as Excel, filmmaker, Photoshop - Seeking to get the license of the International Computer Driving..Learn English in all its stages and is currently in an advanced stage..

My future plans:I'll be on the date of completion of the book and try to publish..Will learn photography and filmmaking professionally..I will look in several languages ​​and am trying to get as soon as TOEFL..I'm going to creative ideas relevant institutions and joined the promising youth programs.. I plan to develop a multi-library and buy cameras..

There are a lot with the help of God and His mercy

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