Basit Ijaz

Lahore Pakistan

Love to try/start new things/experiences. Journalist and translator by profession and chef by passion. Interests ranging from books to movies, technology, mobile phones, apps to writing. Used to write short stories in my early 20s but lost the touch after indulging in practical life i.e. jobs, money etc etc. Now I write occaionsly but it's mostly non-fiction. Started my adult life reading philosophy and hating computers which were a new big thing in town. Soon after find my 2nd love (first one was in school ;)) i.e. translation. After choosing it as a profession and starting my job in an Urdu daily I got a chance to explore computer and internet. With every passing I got addicted to it and the world they (computer/internet) were unleashing to me. Now the situation is that am the most tech savy in my family and to some extent, among my friends. Apart from techonolgy, I love reading books. Neuroscience is my new favorite topic. Moreover, I like to watch sci-fi movies, taking pictures etc. More about me will come soon :)

  • Work
    • Freelance Translator - Businessman
  • Education
    • Graduate