Basonas Construction

Brooklyn, NY, US

Since 1987, Basonas Construction has performed restoration projects throughout New York City. As a result of its commitment to excellence and client service, Basonas Construction has acquired several repeat clients, including Brown Harris Stevens, Orsid Realty Company, the United Nations, and many other organizations. The company is dedication to maintaining the integrity of the buildings it restores and to preserving the traditional aesthetics of New York City.

While quality is always a chief driver, Basonas Construction also is flexible in its approaches to ensure that projects meet client goals. In every project, the company also emphasizes safety, with daily safety meetings held on each site to advise workers of any potential hazards. By combining a fully array of new technologies with proven approaches developed through 20 years of doing business, Basonas Construction can deliver value to clients while maintaining the innate character of the buildings it restores. A member of the Building Trades Association, the company has extensive experience in projects of every scale. Additional information on the company can be found on its website: