Belinda Bass

Belinda Bass understands that people make the difference in life. Her passion for helping others and her talent for recognizing high achievers diverged into an aptitude for recruitment. This natural strength allowed her to develop her skills of managing people, staying abreast of trends in technology, knowledge seeking, cultivating her love of search, organization, communication and follow through.

As an HR professional, Belinda has more than 16 years of experience as a senior recruiter and sourcer. She has worked for various Fortune 500 companies such as Tribune Media (Los Angeles Times), Time Warner (Warner Bros.), Paramount Pictures (Dr. Phil show), Mercury Insurance and J/P Morgan Chase & Co. She learned and shared invaluable lessons of teamwork, networking and harnessing the power of technology at each place of business.

When she’s not aligning the right skills and talent with the right clients, resulting in solid hires, she is serving in the community as a mentor, entrepreneur, writer, motivator, and traveler and is the biggest cheerleader for her family.

She currently serves as Senior Recruiter at Scientific Drilling and was promoted after only four months at the firm. Belinda’s biggest achievement is being a mother to her three children, who are following in their mother’s footsteps as high achievers in their respective studies and career paths.