Professional DJ & PRODUCUCER

Borned in Malaga, Spain , Bassoa started in the music at 15 years when he acquired his first guitar and at 16 began his first musical compositions with logic studio software .
He currently works for the Asaner Records Label like Dj in diferent events & Music Producer.

He has worked in different festival, clubs and beach clubs of the Costa del Sol as Old Town Club (He is working usually), Lombok , London Underground , Heavens Gate, Lolas Bar, Bogart Cafe, Andys Beach. Recently he was working in a Cruise (Arosa-Aqua summer 2015) a long the Rin River.

"Deep-House, Vocal-House, Soulful and Tech House are his preferences"

Now he is looking for a new and challenging like disc jockey abroad Spain.

  • Work
    • Dj and Producer