rachel bass

Recruitment Team Management in South Carolina

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I have been recruiting for ...um...well..a while. "How long?" , you might wonder? Listen- I can old school search with the best of them! I remember pulling out the phone book and slamming the phone with calls trying to find talent and business. I jumped into Corp Recruitment in the Defense world and thought I was a good recruiter before that exercise...well, I wasn't. That experience made me grow my Recruiter wings, enabled me to think fast, react quickly, and score some hard to find talent. Now I am a seasoned Corporate Recruitment professional with several AIRS certifications under my belt. Up until several weeks ago, the last 7 1/2 years were dedicated to building the Internal talent of the RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) corridor of Yoh. I LOVED IT! I assisted in training the RPO Recruitment team with innovative sourcing methods and I found AWESOME recruitment talent to support our Clients (internal and external). Now I have moved over to the Pharma world supporting Bristol Myers Squibb and looking forward to this new chapter in my recruiting world!

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