Ernie Lijoi Sr.

Brooklyn, New York

Meet Ernie Lijoi Sr. under the guise of Eddie Pannoni, as he deals with organized crime figures to recover millions of dollars in stolen bonds, is shot at by fellow police officers, leads a high speed chase through three states, and helps to seize millions of dollars worth of drugs and weapons. Brooklyn raised and street tough, Detective Ernie Lijoi Sr. takes on a new identity as Eddie Pannoni and hits the pool halls and bars in New England, working his way up the chain of dealers and suppliers until the day the trap is sprung and Local and Federal Police raid dozens of homes and businesses in one of the most dramatic and widespread busts in the history of New England. His secret life on the streets takes its toll on his family and his wife is at the breaking point as she witnesses the change in her New York boy. All of his books, to date, are based on a real detective and real events. Read the “Street Business Trilogy” which includes “Street Business” on shelves now, “Shoveling the Tide” to be released in September 2010 and “Chasing Snow” release, February 2011 and “Destructive Obsession” release date Sept 2011, “Meth or Myth”, “The Cash Mule”, "Street Business II." "The Preyers"and others being reviewed. Meet Detective Ernie Lijoi Sr. and his street guise Eddie Pannoni.

  • Work
    • Retired Detective, Author and Producer
  • Education
    • John Jay High School
    • Northeastern University