Akiko Takashima

The Netherlands

I like to create beautiful colorful paintings inspired on the Latin American culture and the amazing Amazonian biodiversity because I have a deep love and admiration for nature. The materials I use are mixed media, acrylics, water soluble oils that can stack up to 3 or 4 layers of paint that gives a special rich texture. My interest for art started since I was a little child, at the age of 5 I began painting flowers, trees, people, and I started as an artist around the age of 14 making portrait of people and animals. Later I started giving art lessons to children and adults. I am a painter with 18 years of art experience and I got my first award in 1998. My work has always been highlighted by its bright colors, rich textures and compositions. Currently I work in my studio at home (in the Netherlands), where I paint colorful flowers, rainforests, portraits and other assignments. My goal is to continue growing as an artist and to create beautiful artwork.

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