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Bastian Hansen

Tel Aviv

My name is Basti. I am a Tel Aviv based Photographer & Filmmaker. Other than that I am singer & guitarist of LANE. Next to running the band and constantly playing shows, I studied Photo Engineering & Media Technologies at the University Of Applied Sciences in Cologne, Germany, where I graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering shortly after our 2nd CD "Rise & Shine" got published. My Thesis was about the production of Super Slow Motion Sequences . I graduated from University while constantly travelling & shooting videos and photographs for clients and myself. Travelling is key to grow personally and professionally, so I LOVE my backpack and to be on the road, capturing adventures.

Recently I moved to Tel Aviv, Israel - to live with my girlfriend, and to work together with international brands and clients - as well as to write on an full length album for my Band and to become a better surfer (the only achievement in surfing so far was a broken rib).

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