Kreig Hitz

Technician, Volunteer and Photography in Marion, Ohio

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Just one person in a world full of wonder. Trying to take in all the wonders this world has to offer a person one day at a time. I love traveling with my camera, Europe and the mountains are my favorite locations. No, not the beach.

The first year after I left Verizon I worked at a small family owned winery. The best year of my life. The job did not pay a single cent, that did not matter. I was the happiest that I can remember.

I'm ready for a change, ready to move on to a new something. Been thinking of moving to Europe, my heart is in Germany, but I have always wanted to see Portugal.

The greatest adventures start with but a single step. The problem is taking that first small step... Well that first step starts September 26, 2015

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