Kamilah Lewis, MBA

#Debt. Paperwork. Anxiety. No income. Slow sales. #Competition. Lack of organization. Inadequate help. #Partnership trouble. #SocialMedia confusion. Scheduling conflicts. Bad #marketing. Blown budgets. Worry. Information overload. Not enough time. Lack of data. Incompetent vendors. #Complaints. Declining #profits. Increased costs.
Are you fed up and frustrated with your business? Have you fallen out of love with your business? You’re not alone – TRUST ME! My clients (including myself) go thru many of these #business stresses all the time, but startups seem to get hit the hardest.

If you are drowning in the stresses of business, there’s NO EASY RESOLUTION. You have to address each head on and research the best way to deal with it. If you need help #brainstorming solutions email me.