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What Needs to be Included in a Bathroom Remodeling Project

Remodeling a bathroom, especially in an older home, can be rather exciting. Much like remodeling a kitchen, it's a time when a person can not only update the look of a tired bathroom, but improve its function as well. If an individual has hired a professional to handle the bathroom remodeling in Boise Idaho, there are a few things a person might want to insist be included in the finished product.

The flooring in an old bathroom may be one of the first things to go, and it's important that a person chooses wisely when picking a new type of floor. Most people choose tile for the bathroom floor, and this is a good option. However, it's important to consider glazed or porcelain tile. Unglazed tile can be rather porous, which can cause mold and mildew growth. The only way to combat this is to apply a waterproofing sealant to the tiles. With having to reapply this sealant every year or so, it simply may not be worth the trouble.

The remodeling company may suggest this, but if they don't it may be important to insist on upgrading the electrical wiring in the bathroom. Most older homes use 15 amp wiring, and this limited wiring can really suffer when a hair dryer, curling iron, or a hair straightener is plugged in. The best option is to rewire the bathroom with 20 amp wiring in combination with added outlets. This will make for less stress on electrical wiring and add the convenience of more outlets.

From a design standpoint, pedestal sinks are a popular addition to a remodeled bathroom. However, if a pedestal sink is replacing an existing vanity, extra storage space will need to be considered. Since pedestal sinks have no under mounted storage, the newly remodeled bathroom may require additional storage.

Whether it's help with a new toilet installationor it's an entirely new bathroom via remodeling, a professional remodeling contractor may be exactly what you need. Not only will they be able to design and install your new bathroom, they will also include you in the design process. That way, if you have something to add, like your opinion on flooring, improved wiring, or additional storage sp