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Michael Murray

Undoubtedly, nearly everyone wants to have a stunning and functional bathroom. This is because a bathroom is supposed to be a temple of cleanliness and relaxation. Therefore, much thought should be given to the design of a bathroom. Apart from reflecting your taste and preference, a bathroom should be designed in a functional way that allows stress-free exercising of hygiene and easy maintenance of the whole bathroom. If you are stuck on how to come up with a suitable bathroom design; then the following insightful factors will help you to come up with a befitting bathroom design;


The type of floor on your bathroom says a lot about its design. When you considering the flooring of your bathroom, priority should be given to the type of material that makes the floor of your bathroom. Bathroom tiles have become a common option for people that want to have a modernized bathroom design. The steady popularity of bathroom tiles has been due to their easy to clean nature and alluringness. Due to safety and durability reasons in your bathroom, make sure that you choose bathroom tiles that are made of adhesives and waterproofing materials.


The shower factor also encapsulates faucets and bathtubs. When it comes to faucets, you can select from a broad range of designs. If you have a big bathroom room, you can have both a shower and bathtub. Having the two options is convenient because they serve cleanliness but on different levels. While a shower can be handy when you are on the go and simply want to clean yourself, a bathtub offers more when you want to relax. A bathtub can offer you a meditation shrine when you want to relax after a long working day. There are different designs of bathtubs and choosing the best shape can help compliment the overall design of your bathroom.

Lighting and Ventilation

The lighting and ventilation of your bathroom plays a focal role in the overall design of your bathroom. After you have painted your bathroom, you need to come up with a lighting system that will rhyme with the color of your bathroom. Some bathtubs incorporate chromatherapy, where they come with LED lights that help in soothing your moods. In order to avoid the unsavory concomitants (molds) of a humid and damp bathroom, you have to visit to make sure that your bathroo