Project Manager, Consultant, and Designer in Gujarat, India

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Don't curse the darkness, Light up a candle!

You may describe a lion in a thousand different words, but you can't Truelly find out what a lion is until you're just few steps away from one. ~Bhavesh Bati

An Aeronautics dropout in 2006, with burning desire to fight climate change, Bati is a Self-Made Solar Power Professional. As a CEO at Bati Energy, he manages sales of decentralized solar power projects! He is the father of emergency talk-time credit which saves lives and helps people without balance in their phones at the time of emergency! ( Heard of chota-credit ?)

He is an experienced real life traveller, living 4 years as a happy homeless! It took him over a 1000 prospects and 4 years of continuous hard work to get his first solar project! At his heart, beats the social good! he has made his life's mission to work for the less-privileged and differently-abled citizens of Planet Earth! He Learns from and follows Mother Nature!

he is one of those brains who could think limitless, who could think Big! To give you an idea,

since when he was 11 he has knew it was possible to transfer Energy from destructive forces of mother nature for the human use! I.e Energy of tornadoes. cyclones, floods and high temperature!

At Bati Energy, we donate 3% of our profit to Bye Bye Plastic bags organisation, ( ) in Bali Indonesia.

They have been instrumental in making the aid reach to remote areas of Nepal affected by the Earth Quake!

We also manufacture portable solar power generators.

Specialties: Leadership to Serve, A business to Preserve Ecosystem, Contribute in Protecting Bio-diversity , and Climate Change mitigation, Bringing about Real Social Change and Empowerment.

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