CEO and Founder, Neurinko OÜ in Tallinn, Estonia

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I am a CEO and Solar Consultant at Bati Energy Private Limited currently living in Gujarat, India and Moving to Tallinn, Estonia by November 2017. My interests range from design of solar power projects to Quantum mechanics and spooky properties of particles or waves or particles. I am also interested in ICT, Blockchain, entrepreneurship.

I am one of the very early adopter of Estonian E-Residency and proud to be part of the world's first digital nation.

My Quotes

There are risks in doing things, but the biggest of all risks is not doing anything, when you know, that things, need, to be, done. And in doing, even in the mistakes, there is magic of creation, there are seeds of evolution and there is a way to the future ¬ Bati

Challenges are never made of chocolates ¬ Bati

Yes. Flowing is what matters. Blockages are not our concern. They will come and go as we flow. The only moments, blockages can become troubles, are the ones when we stop flowing and start paying attention to them, for then we are not flowing any more, we are concerned of the existence of the blockages, hurdles and pitfalls. When we keep flowing, when our concern is flowing, we will always find a way to cross the blocks, through it, around it, or from within it and out again.


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    • Bati Energy Private Limited
  • Education
    • Indian Institute of Aeronautical Engineering