Brian Atkin

Brisbane, the world

My dad is a Solomon Islander, my mum is a New Zealander/Australian and I've lived in Australia since I was 10.

The core pillars of my life are my family, my work and my fitness.

I have been married for almost ten years to a wonderful and beautiful wife who continues to regularly amaze me, and I have the most gorgeous three little children who are six, four and two.

I work in IT for a large public sector organisation in Queensland and have enterprise management experience across IT operations, architecture, information security and IT project delivery. I have a special interest in enterprise mobility, technology trends and innovation, cybersecurity and technology as an enabler. Can you spot the odd one out?

I love the challenge and progressive nature of bodyweight exercises including basic gymnastics and bar calisthenics. Some of my medium term fitness goals are a planche, one arm handstand and one arm pullup.

I have recently embarked on another mission, to establish an HPV vaccination program in the Solomon Islands, working through the Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation. Community development in the third world is an emerging pillar in my life and I am very excited about where it may take me.