BAT Lighting

commercial and industrial lighting in Bao'an, China

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Make Your Linear Lighting Installation Simpler with BAT Lighting

Based on commercial and industrial lighting, BAT LED linear light is designed on different brightness and beam angle solution. The structure is with or without rail system, which will be quit easy for installation and maintenance.

We adopt LM80 Philips and Nichia LED inside. it can achieve 120lm/w and 160lm/w for lighting intensity.

And all our drivers are TUV certificated for high quality standard. The power factor is above 0.95, and THD(Total Harmonic Distortion) standard is less than 20%.

Based on our LED lens technology, we can achieve sharp(25 degree), narrow(60 degree), wide(90 degree), flat(120 degree), left asymmetric, right asymmetric, double asymmetric distribution for different beam angle requirement. In addition, UGR can be less than 16 for solution.