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Austin Perdue

Wellston, Oklahoma

I am 23 years old i am happily married to the love of my wife for five months now and we just found out two months ago we are going to have a little bundle of joy. I am a security gaurd at the Black Hawk Casino in Sahwnee, Ok. I am attending school at francis tuttle on Rockwell for Web design. If i could be any superhero I would have to be batman hands down. The reason for that is because if all the other superheros turned bad Batman would and does have a plan to take down or out all the other superheros even one for myslef which would be the most logical thing to do. Also i would have all those cool tools on my tool belt and some swet kickin cars, boats, airplanes, and motorcyles.

  • Work
    • Blawk Hawk Casino
  • Education
    • Wellston High School