Bat Masterson

The social Media have entered the age of data science, leveraging the unprecedented sources of written language that social media afford. Through media such as Facebook and Twitter, used regularly by more than 1/7th of the world's population , variation in mood has been tracked diurnally and across seasons , used to predict the stock market , and leveraged to estimate happiness across time Search patterns on Google detect influenza epidemics weeks before CDC data confirm them , and the digitization of books makes possible the quantitative tracking of cultural trends over decades . can you buy followers on twitter To make sense of the massive data available, multidisciplinary collaborations between fields such as computational linguistics and the social sciences are needed. Here, we demonstrate an instrument which uniquely describes similarities and differences among groups of people in terms of their differential language use.Our technique leverages what people say in social media to find distinctive words, phrases, and topics as functions of known attributes of people such as gender, age, location, or psychological characteristics. buy active twitter followers The standard approach to correlating language use with individual attributes is to examine usage of a priori fixed sets of words, limiting findings to preconceived relationships with words or categories. In contrast, we extract a data-driven collection of words, phrases, and topics, in which the lexicon is based on the words of the text being analyzed.