Batool Khan

Karachi, Pakistan

Witnessing various phases of transformation within me, I believe that learning should be purpose based and not for mere memorization sake.

Either its the transformation of a fearful girl into a brave mom, or a shy & unsocial woman into an outrageous public speaker & motivational trainer. I loved the process God has designed for us to be a better person.

I did AMI Montessori training after becoming a mom of two,

Than working in newly established Montessories gave me the opportunity to impliment the system with the finest details.

Working with Grand Family Organization as mind science trainer was a measure break through in my life.

Being Silva UltraMind ESP Systems USA trainer, I have the cutting edge over the training, either its parental counseling or spouse counseling, teachers training or adolescence, or the youth in general or the women entrepreneurs, I trained people from vartious segments of life, in short I only give big enough reasons why its easier to succeed & why its the duty of eeach human being to experience success in all aspects of life & its a way to pay gratitude to Supreme Power.

Since its the Education which is the most important yet most neglected field which has the most dynamic impact to the whole of the universe, therefore I am more involved in teachers training, trying to train the mind, body & the spirit! though the most difficult thing is to touch the hearts but when the trainer herself have gone through all the difficulties, problems, & disasters of life then she can speaks from the heart which directly impact the million hearts.

Syllabus designing, guiding in establisging new schools, designing school indoor or outdoor, either in major big cities like Karachi or in small villages, in house training, workshops, seminars, awareness campaigns for the society, projects related to motivation & leaderships etc.

Eastern Philosopher, Iqbal rightly said, “ if the universe is not according to the way you want it to be, then dig the universe and with the soil of your own body construct the new universe which is acceptable to you.”

  • Work
    • MIK - Montessori International Kingdom
  • Education
    • gulistan shah abdul latif girls sec school
    • Associate Monteesori International