cyrus 👻

hi! i have a lot of names but here are the ones u can use: Cyrus, Lucas, Sky (ur only allowed to use this if i know u irl!)

im probably a nb boy but honestly. who knows. who the fuck knows. who cares. he/him or they/them please

im 15 and thats cool i guess. my birthday is december 4

I like: OFF, Touhou, Undertale, Pokemon, Nintendo in general, Love Live! and lots and lots of anime. i have a lot of anime i need to watch too oops

i really like drawing and i wanna be a professional artist some day! im not that good rn but ill get better i promise

im pansexual! my last relationship ended reeaaalllyyy badly but i might be in another soon idk. i cry about my latest ex a lot too sorry

im recovering from self harm and i talk about it a lot sorry but it was a big part of my life and important and i cry about it a lot bc i hate myself

i dont really know if i have kins or whatever but! one character in particular is very important to me and that is the batter from off! please tag me in pictures of him if u want! it makes me happy

dont follow me if youre racist, sexist, transphobic, homophobic, think nb people arent real, etc etc basically dont be an asshole and were cool

if you have any questions, feel free to dm me! If your name is Jace, please send me a dm before you follow so that way i know. other than that feel free to request, you dont need to send me anything beforehand.