Batuhan Tuncay

Online Marketing Manager, Blogger, and Personal Finance in İstanbul, Türkiye

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Born and raised (mostly) in İstanbul best damn city that a mortal man can experience. That is Istanbul If you haven't figured out yet. If only there were not so many people in it...

Gender is male, 40. Married only a couple of years ago. Father of a 11 month old baby boy. Demir is the name of my boy. On social media you can follow him w/ hashtag #DemirAdam. His name translates to English as Iron. He's my little Ironman.

I'm taller than average men. Kind'a good looking with a lot of major flaws. Currently Social Media and Internet Communications manager in a HVAC Industry market leader company. Miserable blogger for over several thousand years. (

My addictions are, smoking, occasional alcohol consumption, tv series, movies and internet.

I've studied BA in University of Istanbul (in English). Been to US for a year right after high school as a part of Rotary Club internet program.

I spent most of my professional life for the same same group of companies. It's more than a decade. From which I derive the experience in insurance, banking (loans and payment systems especially), and brokerage with extensive product knowledge.

My major interest is in internet particularly mobile internet. Marketing and also social media. People are increasing their online exposure ever day. So it's gonna be the next hub for sales and marketing. U should be lucky to hire me. I'm pretty good with it this stuff.

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    • Istanbul University
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