Batuhan Özgür Özdemir

Web Developer and Musician in Pushkar, India

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Hello, I’m Batuhan Özgür. I’m a Ruby on Rails developer, musician, many more things, but simply, just another carbon based life form.


Even though I'm into programming since I was 15, I didn't really got professional about programming because I was mainly playing drums with my band. When I was 23, I decided switch back to programming, my ex lover. I knew fundamental concepts, algorithms, computers but I was fairly outdated so instead of jumping to web development ocean, I decided to build myself from ground up starting with basics. Spending great amount of time learning 14 hours a day for almost a year, luckily gave me a chance to work for some projects and I've become professional.

I'm always looking ahead to improve myself, following best practices, TDD, Agile and standards that makes sense. I love being in the flow, keep myself updated, read weekly issues, people who I can learn from. I'm more interested in 'why' instead of 'how'. I think you can find your 'how' if you know why. Programming simply something I enjoy and I try to do it in the way pleases me.


For some years, I played drums with a band which we started with my cousins back in teenager years called You May Kiss the Bride, we've released some EP's and had a chance to tour to Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and some cities in Turkey.

We've started covering A7x, Lamb of God, Opeth and so on. We ended up making our own songs then things escalated.

You can check them if you are into Post-Hardcore.



I love traveling ever since my childhood. My will to go, explore, experience mostly made me who I am. I've started my this travel at October from Nepal. After spending 2,5 month there, spending 3 months in mother India, I came back to Turkey.

You can check my Instagram account here.


I think practices of Buddhism and ancient religions are good way to live your life. Aiming for peaceful state of mind and happiness, I think meditation, helps you achieving this.

ॐ Ohm Nama Shivaya ॐ

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