Batur Togay

Istanbul, Turkey

Hey everyone!

My name is Batur Togay, and I will be proudly serving you as the O-MUN Turkey National Program Liaison this year.

I have been around since 1996. I have lived in Istanbul all my life. I'm currently a junior in Uskudar American Academy.

Three of my passions were the ones that lead me to the world of Model United Nations: History, politics and philosophy.

I've been reading political history for years. I'm particularly interested in the international relations, balance policies and ideological conflicts of the 20th century. I love to discuss politics, ideas and meanings of concepts.

I have interned in Hürriyet Daily News (An English newspaper for the foreigners and tourists in Turkey) and Bianet (A famous online newspaper in Turkey), and written tens of articles concerning international relations, human rights, music, environment and literature.

I am the Head of Admin of TIMUN'13, and feel extremely excited to serve the ones attending the oldest MUN tradition in Turkey.

Naturally, these aren't my only interests. As you can see in my background photograph (I'm the tall guy playing the bass guitar), I'm highly involved in music.

I play piano, bass guitar and drums. I've given tens of concerts with these instruments in the last ten years.

I listen to music in a wide range in terms of genres. Progressive rock to fusion jazz, classical music to Turkish folk music, blues to heavy metal, Ottoman classical music to indie, music is my passion.

I've never appreciated sports and always thought that humankind was more valuable than the physical usage of the body. However, I was professionally involved in basketball and swimming until four years ago.

Anyway, I had the chance to learn about O-MUN in AMMUN 2012. I started participating in O-MUN after THIMUN 2013. Since then, I've been observing the incredible development and expansion of Online Model United Nations.

I know that O-MUN is the future of Model United Nations, and I feel honored to be a part of it.

Batur Ozan Togay

  • Work
    • O-MUN Turkey National Program Liaison
  • Education
    • Uskudar American Academy