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by Batya Casper, is comprised of two novellas, Hidden and Hanover Gardens.


Woven from the fabric of many lives & separate decades, a story of loss, guilt, & hope.

The story opens with an old man falling down the stairs like a bird from the sky, and a stranger in a yellow dress, purple jacket and boots, opening the front door and claiming to be “next of kin.” It is about a young woman who, for 10 years, refuses to come out of her room; a vagrant who roams the streets at night mumbling to herself, tending to broken birds and stray cats; an older woman who sleeps her life away in her living-room chair; a man who nurses a pain in his chest as he struggles to mend the lives of those around him; and a girl who grows up among people who refuse to tell her who she is, who her parents were, what they looked like, or why they didn’t care enough to “stick around and watch me grow.”

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