Matthias Baudinet

My name is Matthias Baudinet. I was born in Paris, France. I decided to pursue a bachelors degree at Green Mountain College. I love to play soccer, I love to travel, and I love learning.

I will major in history and minor in religious studies to be a professor at a university. History is my passion. As well as soccer, traveling, learning languages, and meeting new people. I speak French, Italian, English, and Luxembourgian. I strive to always learn new things and to go beyond expectations.

My father is my main role model in life, and he taught me many things which have made me who I am today. He always said to me, "always put the less fortunate before yourself, and remember, what kind of man is man if he does not try to make the world better." In everything I do in life, I always take this statement into consideration.

.Nos pro amore et honore.