Ruben Melendez Montes de Oca

Industrial Designer from Universidad de Valparaiso, Chile. He also is a Student of a Master (Ms. Tech) of Technology Management at Universidad de Talca, Chile.

With 9 years of experience in products and mechanical design and work experience in Teaching in Desing’s area, Computer Assistant Desing (CAD) and production processes, He has a 3D modeling special experience. Web Development, technical Ilustrations, Concept Sketching and Products Design, and “aspiring conference speaker” XD.

Projects: Baudiolabs, baudio, Innocua (arts and crafts) and rancaguaurbano (urban weblog). Social Innovation (Finalist at Energy efficience and poduct process improves at austral chilean zone projects).

Interest: Interaction, Web Design, Concept Sketching, Product Design (vehicles, objects, crafts), Web Desing. Crafts Production, Ventures.